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About FairBoost

FairBoost’s aim is to facilitate event- and exhibition organizations with realizing all their standard stand construction including necessary rental parts. We offer a user-friendly and innovative way of standard stand construction. Exhibitors are able to easy compose their booth, personalize their booth and visualize at the same time. FairBoost is always working behind the scenes for her clients. 

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by letting the exhibitor compose ‘standard’ by himself, we easily bring demand and supply together


Our vision

Our intensive cooperation with exhibition organizations, project teams and suppliers in the past years has given us insights in which ways standard stand construction is realized. We’ve assembled a couple of focus points in what FairBoost can do better in the future of automation. 

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User-friendly web-based tools for upselling

Optimized communication and processes

Minimal error margin by automated data transfer

Individual composing and personalizing the stand

What we offer you

FairBoost will take care of your complete standard stand construction. All stands and articles are offered through the webshop, and in the future accompanied and supported by the 3D configurator. 

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World Forum The Haque

Kirsten Vosmer (commercial manager) 

“FairBoost is a very reliable professional partner with whom we have been working together for years. They are very pleasant to work with and very innovative in the industry. Together we have developed a webshop for our customers, which saves customers a lot of time. In addition, FairBoost has an on-site desk at every trade fair so customers can always contact their questions, a high level of service!”

Our team

Tony de Zeeuw

Michael Hermans

Govert-Jan van den Dool

Dirk Bolderman

Stefan Rohde

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