Our vision

Focus points

What we noticed during our projects with large project teams is that a lot of time is spend on (re)drawing and (re)calculating of the stands. The manufacturing of (digital) guides and guidelines. And on taking stock of all wishes and communication with the client and all other involved parties. This current process leaves a lot of room open for mistakes and has a great administrative pressure on the organization. And on top of that the expectation of the client most of the time isn’t even fulfilled, what often results in last minute onsite labor. 

minimal error margin by automated data transfer, that’s what we aim for at FairBoost



These labor intensive work methods require a lot of communication, know-how and flexibility of all involved parties. To meet the exhibitors expectations, within the price of standard stand construction, it is necessary to automate the process. 

Webshop and 3-D configurator

Having the exhibitor assembling his stand by himself, supply and demand are easily brought together. A detailed 3D sketch of the booth, including an associated price overview makes that it immediately meets the client expectations. Automatizing the data transfer from exhibitor to supplier will follow immediately and decreases to a minimal error margin. Necessary time, and therefore costs, are with this work method greatly reduced.